Your donations accomplish things like...

• Provide a reliable water source for campers for years to come with a new water tank
• Finish New Hope Dorm which will give 84 more retreat and summer campers a place to sleep

Your gift will fund improvements like these which create an environment for campers to grow in their relationship with The Lord.

Summer Camps

Summer camp is a yearly tradition here at Camp Copass! We love welcoming children, youth, and adults from all over the state of Texas. We come alive as thousands of young people come to spend, for many, one of the most life changing weeks they will ever have with us.

Camp Copass will host 10 weeks with over 5,000 campers, youth and children’s ministers, and leaders from various churches. Our staff works with each group to provide excellent facilities, food and recreational activities including: sand volleyball, ga-ga ball, basketball, canoeing, ropes, archery, and miniature golf. All groups come together for joint inspirational programs, Bible study, and Christian fellowship.

The result of summer camps have been phenomenal! Over the years what kids call “church camp” has been proven to be a pivotal time for spiritual and social development, a time when lifelong decisions have been made to commit their lives as followers of Christ.

Join us for the fun!


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Our mission is to provide a place for Christian worship, evangelism, discipleship, teaching and recreation.

If you want to be a part of that mission, you can help us finish New Hope Dorm to provide 84 more beds for campers young and old to grow in their relationship with God, because every camper counts.