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Camp Registration

Welcome to Camp Copass– where faith and fun meet! Join us for a memorable summer filled with laughter, friendship, and spiritual growth. Camp Copass offers a unique blend of individual growth and church group bonding. From thrilling night events to inspiring Bible study sessions, every moment is an opportunity to connect with The Lord and forge lifelong friendships. Camp really does create great Christian community.

Children will enjoy interaction with passionate church leaders with strong Christian values. Camp is a place where young hearts can explore, learn, and deepen their relationship with Jesus. Reserve your spot today and get ready to experience the joy of faith and fellowship like never before!

Steps to the registration process:

Reserve Your Camp Week
Complete the form below to let us know how many total campers including adults you are bringing and when!
Group leaders will receive a link to create an online account through RegPacks, the new online registration packet service. Leaders will enter the names of each child and adult attending camp. The leader will have the ability to continually add or remove campers as registration progresses. All forms will be completed online.
Camper Forms
Entering a camper name will trigger an email to the adult camper or parents of a young camper. The email will include instructions for filling out all online forms including activity sign-ups. This may be done on a computer or a smart phone. All forms are online (no printed paperwork).
Pay Deposit
$30/camper for Youth & Trek Weeks
$10/camper for Mini Week
Deposits are due by May 31st.
Leader Review
The church leader will be able to view the progress of each camper in the online registration process. This will enable them to know when a camper has finished all required documents.
Adult Requirements
Each adult attending camp will also have additional required documents such as background check and child protection training certificate. The church group leader will turn in a pastor reference letter for the group’s adult campers. All forms are online (no printed paperwork).
Group Payment
On the first day of camp when the group arrives, the church group leader will bring a check for group payment. (3% convenience fee added when paid by credit card.)
Camper medications will be turned in upon arrival. They must have a printed “medication dosage and frequency chart” attached and must be in the original container with the camper’s name on the container.
Dorm Assignments
Dorm assignments will be received after full payment is made at check-in.

Reserve Your Camp Week