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Requirements for Counselors and Sponsors for June & August Camps

The safety of all campers, counselors, sponsors, and other participants is of utmost importance to Camp Copass. Those who serve with children at Camp Copass are held to an especially high accountability, so we appreciate your full cooperation with the requirements listed below. Thank you in advance for your timely attention to these important items.

*The following apply to all adults attending camp as a sponsor, counselor, staffer, or pastoral staff member

Please turn in the following documents when you arrive at camp:

  • Background Checks (NATIONAL criminal AND NATIONAL sex offender FOR THIS YEAR). If you choose our recommended background check service, you will be required to enter the password  “Genesis2021” to complete the background check.
  • Child Protection Training (CPT) Certificate of Completion

Important: Visitor Policy Update

In order to ensure the safety and security of our campers, Camp Copass has implemented a NO VISITOR POLICY DURING ALL SUMMER CAMPS (effective 6/1/19).

We require every staff member, volunteer, counselor/sponsor, worship/band leader, etc. to be background checked yearly and to have completed the Child Protection Training as required before being allowed on the campgrounds. It would be irresponsible and negate all of our efforts if we allowed visitors.

1. Criminal and Sex Offender Background Checks

  • Perform BOTH a NATIONAL criminal and NATIONAL sex offender background check on each adult and print the results.
  • Reports must show the search criteria and the complete results.
  • Search for each name used throughout the person’s life.
  • Background checks must be FOR THE CURRENT YEAR.
  • Searches must be NATIONAL searches.
  • Both a criminal and a sex offender search are required.
  • Background Check FAQ
  • Options to meet this requirement:  (1) Use your own search provider and mail us the hard copy results/reports or (2) Use our recommended background check service.  You may simply send your adult leaders to the following link to complete the background check and pay the $10 fee themselves. Please have them use the password: Genesis2021 to log in.

2. CPT Video Information

  • The State-mandated Child Protection Test is required for anyone 18 years of age or older.
  • The training is good for two years, but Camp Copass encourages you to do it every year to keep the information, warning signs, and other protective measures at the forefront of every adult’s mind.
  • You must keep copies of CPT Certificates if you want to use them for two years.
  • You must mail Camp Copass the copy the second year.

3. CPT Completion Certificates

  • The Exams are automatically graded and a CPT Certificate is generated for each person following completion of the test.
  • Each person must score a minimum of 70% on the exam in order to serve at camp.
  • View CPT Video

4. Health and Registration Form