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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warrior Commitment
(For staff working weekends)


The lodging will vary each weekend. If you are staying in one of the hotels or motels, then bedding and towels will be provided. If you are staying in the dorms, you will provide your own linens and towels.


I understand the commitment and I will abide by these standards and will conduct myself in a way that honors the mission of the camp. Camp Copass exists to provide an environment for the Lord to work in the lives of young people and adults for the purpose of Christian worship, evangelism, discipleship, training, and recreation.


You may wear any Camp Copass shirt and close-toed shoes which is regular dining hall attire.


Males should not be in the female sleeping areas and vice versa. Visitors are not permitted during weekend retreats unless approved by your weekend warrior director.


This commitment is through the end of this semester.Please request time off at least two weeks in advance to the weekend warrior director.


Please arrive Friday at 4:30 pm in the dining hall. You will work through Sunday evening.


Saturday and Sunday work will include but not be limited to serving the meals, cleaning the dining hall, and going on any needed trash runs.

Sunday you will work until your supervisor dismisses you. This will typically involve serving meals and shutting down the camp. You may be dismissed as early as 11:00 am or as late as Sunday evening.


Pay will be $50 for Friday, $150 for Saturday and $75-$100 for Sunday.