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Summer Staff

The Need

Every year Camp Copass hires high school graduates and college-aged young people to be part of the staff and help out during the summer months. Thousands of children and youth visit the camp during this time and our goal is to create an environment for to The Lord to work in their lives. This is not a counselor position. Our staffers serve and take care of the needs of others.

The Dates

Summer starts the beginning of June and runs through mid August. Each staffer may have one week of vacation except in July. There are two required Saturdays in July where all staff will need to stay and work. We also host weekend retreats throughout the summer. If you would like to earn extra income you may stay and work the weekend as well.

The Ministry

Being a summer staffer takes a lot of effort but it is an important part of the ministry. Without us, the campers would not have a clean place to sleep nor food to eat, and the worship leaders would not have a receptive audience to tell them about the love of Jesus. A good attitude and work ethic is a must because the days and weeks are long, especially with the Texas heat. The job is rewarding; many people make lifelong friends. There are also opportunities for spiritual growth; every morning a different staffer leads in a short devotion and once a week there is a Bible study. At times the staff enjoys a night when the camp takes everyone out to eat.

The Job

It takes a lot to feed 500-700 campers three meals a day, five days a week, so the majority of the time spent is in the dining hall. Other staff jobs include the camp store, concession stand, cleaning dorms, and restocking soft drink machines. On some nights we have a fireworks shows, or carnivals which the staff help with; face painting, snow cones, and cotton candy. We are also hiring lifeguards and ropes course facilitators. The camp will pay the cost of certification classes for these employees.

The Pay

This is a paying job. Staff arrive on Monday and work through Friday. The salary is $400 per week. The camp provides meals and a different Camp t-shirt for each day of the week. All the staff are encouraged to live on camp.

Age Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 and have completed their senior year in high school.


Prospective (and returning) employees need to do the following:

1. Read the staff rules.
2. Fill out and submit an application.
3. Obtain a recommendation letter from your church pastor or youth minister.

If you have any questions feel free to email Matt Keller or call him at (940) 565-0050.