All July camps are full!

If your group is not registered and you would like to attend one of our camps, please contact our Director of Programming, Cody Robinson, at 940-565-0050.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Camp Copass is composed of members elected from each of the four Baptist Associations that support Camp Copass. The associations are: Denton Baptist Association, Palo Pinto Baptist Association, Cooke Baptist Association, and Harvest Baptist Association. The Board of Directors meet quarterly and is responsible for policy making, personnel decisions, and approving the yearly budget.

The current Board Members are:

Ronnie Conyers, President

Bobby Cates, Vice President

Brad Springer, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

Lanita Angel-Morris, Chairman of the Finance Committee

Sonny Snow, Chairman of the Property Committee

Lela Goen, Chairman of the Promotion/Program Committee

Morgan Malone, Executive Director of Denton Baptist Association

Ferel Gage, Executive Director of Palo Pinto Baptist Association

Glen Kersey – Cooke Association

John Wolfe – Denton Association

Brian Holt – Denton Association

Therol DuBois  – Harvest Association

Becky Winn – Harvest Association

Gary Demmitt – Harvest Association

Chris Weaver – Palo Pinto Association

Bob Hagemann – At Large Member from Denton Association

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Our mission is to provide a place for Christian worship, evangelism, discipleship, teaching and recreation.

If you want to be a part of that mission, you can help us finish New Hope Dorm to provide 84 more beds for campers young and old to grow in their relationship with God, because every camper counts.

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