There will be NO fireworks at Camp Copass on July 4th this year. The camp will be closed.

Dietary Issues 2


Camp Copass endeavors to serve high quality meals with uncompromising attention to camper’s needs. We aim to provide the best menu options for the majority of campers, but realize that there are dietary issues unique to some. For your convenience, we have provided you with information that should answer questions regarding specific issues. While we cannot accommodate every dietary concern in our menu, see “solutions” for ways you can prepare your camper for meals.


Camp Copass does not use peanut oil in cooking its food. The only items we have that contain peanuts are the individual packets of peanut butter and Honey Nut Cheerios from dispensers. For some meals, we provide cinnamon chocolate chip cookies that contain pecans, and these are labeled when set out. The croutons we serve with the salads are prepackaged in a facility that also packages soy and tree nuts.


All meals at Camp Copass are prepared in our commercial grade kitchen. We do not have a dedicated kitchen for gluten free meal preparation. Therefore, it is safest to assume that all meals contain gluten. For groups with the ability to leave, there are many restaurants within 5-10 minutes of our campus. For those who remain on campus, see “Solutions” at the bottom.


Every meal Camp Copass serves contains meat. Fruit is set out at every meal and cereal every morning. A salad bar is provided for all lunch and supper meals. When we have hamburgers or lasagna meals, a vegetarian alternative is provided.


Listed below are common items served here with all known allergens and intolerances listed. Check often for updates to it.

  • Chocolate chip cookies: egg, milk, soy, wheat
  • Stouffer’s meat lasagna: milk, soy, wheat
  • Vegetable lasagna: egg, milk, soy, wheat
  • Biscuits: milk, wheat
  • Pig in a blanket: egg, milk, soy, wheat
  • Chicken fried steak: soy, wheat
  • Molly’s Kitchen egg casserole: egg, milk, wheat
  • Tony’s pepperoni pizza: milk, soy, wheat
  • Tilapia: milk, wheat
  • Broccoli salad: egg, soy
  • Mashed potatoes (instant): milk
  • Mashed potatoes (homemade):soy
  • Grilled chicken: soy
  • Corn bread: egg, milk, soy, wheat
  • Alfredo sauce: yeast
  • Bow tie pasta: wheat
  • Baked potato chips: milk, soy
  • Tortilla chips: cotton seed oil, corn oil, lime, palm oil, salt
  • Beef fajita meat: letchinthin, soy
  • Chicken fajita meat: soy
  • Yogurt: gluten free
  • Puddings: milk
  • Chicken patties: egg, milk, soy, wheat
  • Salad dressings: prepackaged


We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. In the off season, you are welcome to make prior arrangements for you or your camper to bring food and store it in our kitchen’s refrigerator or freezer. It must be clearly labeled and dated. In the summer, our storage space is limited so space in our refrigerator/freezer cannot be guaranteed. You may, however, bring a cooler and use ice to keep your food preserved. Additionally, there is a microwave oven in the kitchen available to use.

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