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Ropes Course Participation Survey

Challenge by Choice

We operate on a challenge by choice basis. As a result a participant can do as little or as much of the activities as they would like. The goal of the challenge course is to come away with new ideas about the group and to have a good experience. For this reason we promote encouragement to overcome fears but the facilitator will determine whether it has turned from that into pressure to do an activity. Again we hope to give the participants a fun learning experience and not to have their feelings hurt.

Dress Code

Close toed low heeled shoes; no sandals, flip flops, Toms, or Crocs – Any shorts or pants are okay (athletic shorts are not recommended) – Jewelry of any kind, including watches and non-prescription sunglasses, must not me worn – Long hair must be pulled back and tied

General Rules

For the safety of the participants, always do only what the facilitator instructs, nothing more. If you have questions then feel free to ask. – Spotting will be used on all apparatuses which come with the following guidelines:
A- Attitude – focused attention for all spotting.
B- Body position – feet staggered, strong leg back, knees bent, back straight, arms up and flexed, all fingers together.
C- Communication – must communicate to ensure the spotters and participants are prepared.
D- Decision making – be aware of all surroundings to keep both spotters and participants safe. – Spotters and participants must wear helmets – No stacking more than two people high – No jumping off events – No persons may participate in high ropes events if they cannot properly fit into the harness – Persons with medical issues that could be aggravated by events should not participate
-There must be at least one facilitator on the course who is currently certified in first aid and CPR – The facilitators must be made aware of any health problems that participants have which may influence them on the course. This includes allergies to bee stings and poison ivy as well as asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, previous injuries with chronic symptoms, or recent surgeries.


Group name:


Contact’s telephone number: (include area code)

Contact’s Email:

Scheduled date – Day: Month: Year:

Start: End:

Number of participants:

Average age of participants:

Group fitness level:

Known physical limitations or disabilities of participants:

Low ropes objectives: finds character strengths and weaknesses within groups and individuals; identifies leaders.

Please specify one or more group goals and objectives of the low ropes course.
Biblical Application
Leadership Training/Searching
Team Building

High ropes objectives: encourages individuals to takes risks based on faith.

Please specify one or more interest in high ropes course elements.
Cat Walk
Climbing Wall
Power Pole
Zip Line

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